How to grow an agency instead of just relying on referrals?


  • Hello Sam,

    There are a number of ways to grow an agency, and the best ways will depend on a few things.

    • How much money you have to spend on growth

    • Your resources (staff, equipment, real estate, studio, network, contacts, etc.)

    • Your skills and offerings (what makes your agency more appealing than your competition?)

    • Your marketing skills (email list, social media, advertising, testimonials, endorsements, etc.)

    If you do not have money to spend on advertising, marketing, branding, promotions, etc then you can grow by leveraging relationships with existing clients because this will not cost any money apart from that which has been used to acquire the client in the first place.

    If you do have money to spend then you should market in relation to your prospective target audience and approach them where they are, are they most on a particular platform on social media?

    Also a great way to grow is to create outstanding work and keep on doing that consistently over time.

    Those are a few things to consider and if you have any more questions then give me a shout.
  • Send as many emails as possible to potential clients and have tons of content

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