I am doing this consulting job and the client have mentioned he can pay a sizeable fee? Is £100 too much for an hour of consulting?

Sharing my experience and skill and find it difficult to price.


  • They are not paying for an hour of your time. They are paying for a lifetime of experience.

    You should work out how much money you need to earn (to have a reasonable life), deduct tax, and then divide that by the number of client contact hours. You'll be surprised how high that figure needs to be.

    Think how much time you spend just contacting the client to arrange the work. The hour of work is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Of course this all assumes that you bring value :-)
  • I suppose it depends on what kind of consulting you’re doing but £100 doesn’t sound ‘sizeable’ to me. Do you need to do any research beforehand or after? That would all go towards your rate. Is it quite specialised? They’re paying for your expertise, not your time. Good luck!
  • I have been selfemployed for ages but I think I always undersell myself! Im trying to do better, espescially since the work is scarce, I need a higher fee to survive. Thanks for the support @D.A.V.E. Digital And Vinyl Expert means a lot.

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