I am looking for advice in regards to licensing illustration work for social content and print.

I'm interested to know how licensing works in regards to social media, since it's not bound to a locale or a time frame.

If anyone knows about this or knows who I can speak to, I'd really appreciate learning more about this topic.

A friend of mine has asked me to create up to 12 illustrations for a novel - plus the cover, but they won't be used for an actual printed piece initially. Instead, they will be used on a social platform. The book will be self published, one chapter will be released each month for 12 months. As it is a friend of mine who has written it, we want the working relationship to be relaxed, but also professional in terms of the contractual side of things. If it is picked up by a publishing house, then we both want to know that my artwork is covered financially.

It's a wonderful idea and I'm also curious to know if this kind of thing already exists.


  • Hi,

    I would say as a flat rate you should charge based on the time you spent on it. Rates can very vary based on your experience / exposure. As it's an illustration piece you can go eaither way and so identify a day rate between £150 - £500. This is the flat rate you should ask from your friend. On top of that you should have a contract that you would get X % after every sold piece. Hope it helps.

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