I'd like to chat about selling art.

Hello fellow artists!
As a digital artist, I know how challenging it can be to sell your artwork. It takes time, effort, and a lot of trial and error to find the right channels to showcase and sell your work. That's why I'm reaching out to ask if any of you are currently selling your artwork and if you'd be willing to chat about your experience. I sell on Etsy and Shopify (no success with the latter one though). I'd love to learn more about how other people do it. Additionally, it would be great to hear about the strategies you use to promote your art, and build your brand as an artist. If you have some spare time today or this week, and you don't mind chatting to me on jumping on a call and sharing some tips and tricks, please DM me.

For reference, what I draw and sell: www.robbien.art


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