I'm looking for Agencies who want to collaborate with me sourcing sustainable fibres for brands and designers.

I'm Cate Victoria, a specialist in sourcing natural fibres from Mongolia, Nepal and India. Now working with some of the best field researchers in sustainability in Mongolia.

Im currently in the UK and open to discussions or meeting anyone in the sustainability fashion sector.

I am able to offer small businesses and SMEs certified natural animal fibre for knitwear or woven production, sourced from responsibly managed grasslands guaranteeing you a higher value supply chain.

I can also source organic cotton and other plant fibres from india and Nepal, coming from regenerative farming communities always focusing on the environmental consequences of manufacture.

Alongside sourcing Raw materials - I can deliver:
Finished products - creating a personal and transparent production through every stage, bringing to you an accountable production with documented stories.
Artisan matchmaking - I can match make you with artisans bringing to you a huge range of traditional natural products such as homeweares from Nepal all made from natural plant fibres.
Design and product development - in a colaborative way we can discuss and create designs which can reduce your carbon footprint and align with our makers limitations, all while considering limiting waste.
Responsibility and traceability in any fabric manufacture - bringing you a picture of the core farming environments at the very source.

If anyone would like to reach out - lets start the conversation!



Recently I was supplying Toast.


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