I'm looking to create a youtube channel with creatives and turn it into a talent show/channel where everyone can express their creativity!

The channel would 'belong' to us all and each video would be unique! From vlogs to music videos to fashion showreels, short-films, documentaries, anything you can think of! This would be OUR channel and it'd allow us to collaborate all together!

I'm an independent filmmaker/video director and I'd love to connect with you guys and create a group chat where we can share ideas, plan shoots, etc!

My Instagram @imtedj :)

Let's create!!


  • how can i be off assistance. I would like to get some of my creativity out there on different platform.
  • @Bruno Cavalcanti Amazing! Glad to hear you’re down to create!
    Are you based in the UK?
  • I was in a kind floo burnout (its was not corona, I tested negative). And lost all my jobs for this month. I realize then that I should do some creative stufs, besides my pay-my-bill-obligations.
    I am a videomaker, editor and motion graphic designer, most of my jobs are for online ads or youtube channels. How can we work together?

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