I'm making a documentary on intl. Digital Art & CryptoArt Scene now. First trailer: https://fayr.org/cryptodocumentary/ Any thoughts/ideas?

And that's all about it - Digital Art, CryptoArt and Blockchain Art in its nature.

History & present reality. Exclusive interviews, insider's look and other specials. Film is being told mainly by it's participants, not a narrator, additionally underlining that we're all - real people of this new serious movement of the Future.
Already there are positive feedback, proving this documentary is important not only for digital art, but also for the art industry in global.
Capturing history in the making and seasoning with additional material to educate, popularize CryptoArt and inspire new generations of artists.

I'm looking for suggestions, thoughts and ideas from Art community and all creatives out there.

Thanks in advance!


  • Very interesting topic. You might need to edit this a bit more. And the sound needs to be mixed too. Right now it is this track that drowns out a bunch of people talking via zoom or facetime and it’s a bit tiring. Also having "real art" over a mandelbrod set makes it hmm... But interesting topic, I assume the people in it are also super interesting. Hope it works out. Thank you for sharing

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