I'm trying to get more freelance graphic design jobs and I was just wondering if people could give me feedback on my portfolio.



  • Your website is still loading my friend :) Its not a good first impression. Please compress the images maybe use webp images so It loads fast
  • Here are some ideas.
    1) Loads a bit slow. Maybe I am far.
    2) Like your logo. Though .design domain name is used now so it is a bit confusing.
    3) Not a fan of sliders. And most UX gurus say it doesn´t work. In some weird way I did swipe in your site and it did work.
    4) Product thumbnails. For large desktop screen, they are preeeeety wide. Maybe OCD speaking but it really bothers me that your side margins are smaller the gutter between portfolio items. If you are a designer I do believe you need to get every detail right.
    5) I like that .gif. I don´t like hover action. In terms of reality, you want the user to open your project. You make it fade away. Believe me physics and logic matter in web and UI design a lot.
    6) As it seems that there are different types of projects I would keep the project name + category visible always. Easier to choose which is most important and which I want to view.
    7) Open work pages. Nice presentation on those I checked. Nice designs. You sure have your own style. Gifs are good.
    8) Maybe I don´t know typography myself however I would increase line height. Your body copy seems pushed together bit too much. Especially if images are so wide. Also perhaps more spacing.
    9) Last rap work was pretty short. Feels like you lost some motivation to add proper case studies.
    10) Footer is pretty tight. Give it some space.

    The overall look is good. There are details that could be improved. The homepage could say what is the purpose of this site. It is bit unknown to me why some works are in the slider and others are not. On the about page, you say you have designed logos however it is hard to find any. So perhaps bit more communication what kind of a project it is. Users don´t like to read much and they just scroll and scan.

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