I’ve just launched my crowdfunding campaign(Kickstarter) for my brand CYFR WORLD. Slow fashion, our act of service. Music, our act of love

Through Sustainability we encourage you to ask how our clothes are made and where they go at the end of their life cycle. And through collaboration, we’re able to understand each musicians creative process, to bring a personalised touch from the artist to audience.

With your help and support we will be able to invest in equipment, production and a team of innovative creatives that assist us in producing high quality, eco-friendly clothing.

This Kickstarter is ALL OR NOTHING so we have to hit our target.
Please like and share to show support!



  • Hey @Mo ™ !
    Wow thank you, we’d love your support. Please send me an email and let’s discuss!! Hello@cyfr.world
  • Hey Oliver!
    Would be happy to contribute with brand consulting and strategy to push the brand forward.

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