I've just launched my own website to showcase my work and skills. Would be great to get some feedback www.bengarnett.uk


  • @Ben Garnett alright! Send me a DM when your done, in case if you need more feedback
  • The only thing that I feel is missing is an about section. Where we can know a little bit more about yourself.
    Is great to know the brands that you work with, but for someone who doesn't know you, they need more information.
    In the demo reel, it says Editor and Videographer. But which type of videographer are you?
    Do you do the video for yourself?
    Do you film music videos or commercials?
    Are you a camera operator or a director?
    Because Videographer is something general.
    Plus, are you a Junior Editor or a Senior Editor?

    These were the questions that I was asking myself when I was on your website.

    I hope that my feedback helps.
  • I agree with Trevor - the flashing background is distracting - your website is amazing!

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