I've just released my Pilot episode of Dealing With Rejection

It can be found here https://anchor.fm/gillian-bourke
Please have a listen


  • @Linsey M Thank you so uch, as the pod grows it would be great to have you on to talk about your research & expereinces
  • Nice, great ideas and thoughts around the topic. Also, I'm a fellow 'liker' saying the word, 'like' all the time! :) It'll be ace to hear more of your thoughts and ideas - I'll share some of mine too. I have notebooks full of hundreds (well maybe not that many ;)) of hilarious interview stories and horrors from companies/people. Totally relatable regarding the huge brand, whoever they were and a shame they couldn't take the time to at least get back to you. The unfollow understandable under the circumstances and very 2020. (Always find it bizarre how some companies aren't more transparent/decent regarding recruitment, especially in the SM world we live in now. (some are, of course!))
    There are so many people right now (and pre covid) putting in SO much work/effort to be ignored, dismissed and given a generic response which in turn is leading to A LOT more problems/societal issues (I'll keep the rest of my thoughts on this for a blogpost or some audio - otherwise it'll turn into a touch too much for a Dots thread). Sigh!
    Have SO much to say on this topic, as you may have gathered :)
    Have a great day and look forward to more!

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