I’ve recently redesigned my website and would love any feedback � www.jodifeddon.com


  • Hi Jodie, well done! I love your illustrations, especially the Nike trainers!

    @Anna Dora L. and @Sabrina Vega made good points below, especially about adding a funky typeface. I'd look for something funky (but readable) for headings paired with a simple font for body text. You can get started by searching google for font pairings if you need some inspiration and https://archetypeapp.com lets you preview different fonts together.

    I would work on adding some copy throughout but especially on the home page. The first heading and subheading on your website could say what you do and who you do it for.

    And on the about page, I'd want to read in the first person but that's probably just a preference.

    I have put a couple of short ebooks together that might help if you're interested? Happy to send them directly so you don't need to opt in to get my emails.

    Keep up the good work!
  • Hello Jodi,

    The website itself it does function well maybe the only thing that I would be keen to see is to be responsive so all the project you can scroll through on the homepage. People like scrolling instead of clicking apparently.

    In case of the work I like your style I guess you are on a junior level and next to that you got a defined look and feel and decent amount of work so you are in a great position in case of professional development.

    The next step would be to decide to have a bit more from the rough, paint kind of influence or getting more pro in hyper real. Now I feel your work is between the two what is totally fine but I believe it will change. It's also great that you do typographic stuff as there is a merging need for that/ Hope it helps.

    Feel free to check out my work on https://www.instagram.com/annadoralascsik/
  • Hello! Your website looks great, and it makes your illustrations really pop! I would love to have a bit more details on your projects, like for who you made them, when and such. They look great and I'd just love to have a bit more info. I think a nice funky typeface could make your website stand out a bit more, but other than that it's a solid foundation. Good work!

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