I want to learn more about graphic design. Any advice on how to gain knowledge and build experience as a beginner?


  • @Anna Dora L. Thank you, this is super helpful!
    I know the industry is very competitive and that getting my foot in the door will be hard work, but I’m determined to shoot my shot, even if it has to be a side hustle at the beginning.
    Also I could combine these new skills with my core profession, being versatile is always an asset :)
  • @Stefano Meloni

    Thanks so much for taking the time to write down all this valuable insight for me, I truly appreciate!

    It’s great to get confirmation that I wouldn’t necessarily have to go through a design school, I’ve been in contact with quite a few and was always skeptical when reading reviews from past students.

    I very keen on learning and currently putting together my own studying programme, excited about it!

    I love your drawings by the way, we should connect.
  • Hi Mona,

    I agree as it was said before you don't need a design masterclass you can learne evrything yourself. Graphic design itslef still figuring out what is the best way to teach.

    I would recommend to watch talks from big names like Sagmeister etc. to understand the conceptual part and then make self initiated projects. You can use also other skills like photography in same cases. Generally I would say you need 5 good projects in your portfolio to land in a good job.

    But first things first are you aware how competetive is the industry and what you can expect if you change?
  • @Mona Lastenouse
    If you get into a creative agency, your recruiter would mostly be interested on what you can bring into the agency as a creative and as a person (these 2 things are related to each other and unique).
    That said, when you present your portfolio, make sure you highlight the problems you are able to solve with your current skills.
    That is considered a valuable skill, alongside all the soft skills.
    Lack of knowledge with any software and the agency's workflow can easily be acquired, especially when it comes to working real projects for real brands.
    If you are a fast learner with quick adaptation, you should be fine!

    In my opinion, you don't necessarily have go to any design schools to achieve a job that pays very good money.
    It might take a little extra time, but this experience will pay back and make you go a long way (as well as making you stand up a bit more).
    You only need to be confident about your ability to put what makes you 'You' into a project, with your own unique blend of ideas, as well as being able to undertand what a brand needs to achieve when they hire you as a freelancer or as a team.
  • @Stefano Meloni thank you very much for your advice, this is going to help me direct my focus on specific industries and companies.
    Do you think that being a self taught designer wouldn’t be an issue, or is it recommendable to have a proper qualification, like a master’s degree?
  • @Jon Barratt this is super helpful, thanks so much! I’ll definitely follow your advice and hopefully build a nice portfolio
  • Well I think a good way to get started is not forgetting about the skills you have aquired until now.
    Work on mini graphic design projects focused on the clients you want to work for and that possibly belong to the same industry, so that your portfolio will be sharp enough to get through a potential employer.
    Follow the graphic design agencies that you may want to contact in the future and absorb a bit what and how they work on their projects.
    Youtube as well is a great source to get started with building some relevant software skills without spending money!

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