I would really appreciate some feedback on my portfolio website if you have a minute! https://www.maxbloomdesign.co.uk/

I've recently updated my website, I would love to know if it's working for you/what can be improved. Thank you!


  • @Mike McCoole thanks so much for your advice Mike! I think I'll change the record artwork page and make it more like the merch page. Thank you!
  • @Soraia Soares thanks so much Soraia! Maybe I'll add a services page.
  • Niiice Max- lovely work! Agree with Soraia - it's really, clean and direct.

    As a viewer I am always interested to see the bigger picture and infulences so perhaps a brief statement with each piece would help tell the larger story; i.e. I worked with singer-songwriter Anna Vincent to produce a suite of artworks for her debut solo singles 'Naxos' and 'Thin Skin' as part of my Ultimate Blends label etc. etc. (and ordinarily I say accompany with the skillsets covered like #Brand #Illustration #GraphicDesign - but probably not required with how established you are). Those butterflies are incredible!
  • Hi Max! I like the simplicity and the fact that the wbesite is really direct. I would only suggest that you added what services do you offer and what the client can expect from it. With that I think it would be spot on :) Keep up with the great work!

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