Is anyone able to advise on how music copyright works with live broadcasts on Facebook & if an online concert license would enable the live?

Also if you have any idea on how long this usually takes to be approved and if the live would show uninterrupted without being flagged?

I think I have a basic understanding of it all but if anyone has dealt with this before when recording and broadcasting a live event that would be helpful.


  • Hey, to my understanding to live stream a show on facebook live you do not need a license as FB/PRS already have a waver license in place, especially if its free and If the artists is playing their own material live which they own copyright to then its covered to my understanding.

    If you are charging a ticket fee to watch a gated live stream show then thats another matter and may require a licence from PRS under £1500+ in revenue is £25+vat license

    I think it all depends on the level of show you will be broadcasting

    If you are using recorded music in the background or in a DJ sets they tend to get pulled by copyright, not all the time but in particular if there with one of the majors

    hope that helps in any way :)

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