Just update my personal site to V2.0, want to share and receive feedback from you guys, thanks :) https://www.johnnygu.com

Hey guys, I am Johnny, have been working as a (remote)freelance UI/UX designer for years, also a Webflow expert can build a responsive, functional website and MVP no-code web product. I just update my personal site to V2.0, Just want to share it, hope you like it, and kindly leave me some feedback, big thanks :)

And, if you have interesting projects need help or just want to communicate with some topics, feel free to DM me or contact design@johnnygu.com :)



  • Thanks, Lauren

    Glad to know you like me work, and thanks for your advice:) I'll take that. I also have idea in my mind to add a about me page to show more story and experience on the site.
  • Hi Johnny,

    I really enjoyed visiting your website as it flows so easily! The only thing I thought was perhaps you could have a photo of you in the about section to make it more personal? Just an idea

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