Just updated my site! Would love some feedback! https://sassandsnarl.com


  • Thanks for sharing and it’s such a great work that you do! Here’s my thoughts:

    •Love the name! Agree what’s been said about the graphic image quality, otherwise the font choice is great
    •I’d love to see the Our Aims at the top, to get a feel of your company straight away, without having to look for it (scrolling down to find it may not be so obvious)
    •I think the titles on the top tabs should be the same or somehow connect in a very simple way with the boxes below, to simplify how to navigate all content on the website
    •one las detail, and I haven’t checked your Ig properly but your website is only b&w, and that stands out, whereas your Ig posts are in blue, maybe it’d be good to have the same ‘look’ to connect both?

    Good image and projects, love the work and would love to connect for future collaborations!
  • It looks a bit stark and I agree with the other comment regarding the header and the functionality. Have some friends test it and pool some feedback. Sometimes you can be blinded by ownership and just because you know how it works, doesn't mean an outsider will. Great start but needs work.
    Hope that helps.
  • Hello! I love the content, and the name “sass and snarl” - amazing! Your header is a bit pixelated, whenever I’ve used external fonts I’ve found it best to type your text in illustrator and export it as an .svg file and then put it into your website- I found a tutorial on how to use svg files in Wordpress, as I am by no means an expert :) (here- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idQvjavnarE#:~:text=The%20fastest%20way%20to%20add,SVGs%20to%20your%20WordPress%20site.) Also after clicking on the different tabs, I can’t seem to find a way to get back to your landing page, I think maybe you could put the blog as your landing page as there’s a bit more going on, - I hope this helps, I think what your doing it great!

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