Looking for advice on potentially setting up a branding agency, any tips with getting clients, Invoices, registering business name.


  • Hi Chloe,

    I can probably have a chat to you about a lot of this stuff over a coffee and a Zoom call if you like, if you are still thinking of doing this.

    My background, to give you context, is new business in agencies and the current business consultancy I own is my third. (The previous one was a branding and new business consultancy for agencies, which I sold to my business partner). I know how to build businesses and agencies from nothing.

    I'm around tomorrow if you want to chat.

  • Huge questions that can't be answered easily here. Look for ecourses or webinars that touch these topics, as starter points.

    Setting up an agency: do the legal stuff, the banking stuff, research on hiring, team leadership etc

    Invoices: Tons of platforms (PayPal, all in ones like Dubsado/17Hats, Quickbooks, etc)

    Getting Clients: Align your marketing with your message and branding. Find out where your ideal clients are and go to them. Network for referrals.

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  • Those are massive questions Chloe. Happy to guide you if I can.

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