Looking for charities, nonprofits or not-for-profits.

During this pandemic i have seen people help each other a lot without question. So in spirit of paying it forward I have a proposition.

If you are a charity, nonprofit or not-for-profit organisation or have a nonprofit product and in need of some animation work done, I will design and animate your stuff for free.

I have a lot of downtime because of this pandemic stuff and I would really like to spend my downtime creating something that might help somebody.

So if you have a non profit project and in need of some animation work done I am willing to help out. Send me a DM, email, text or homing pigeon and let’s talk.


  • If a homing pigeon showed up on my window with a work requisition I think I'd feel about as if a Hogwarts acceptance letter arrived... or extremely paranoid. Tough to be certain.
  • @Daraayo Daniels Hi Daraayo, I'm interested in your project and I think I can help as well. Would you be able to chat ? Thanks!
  • Hey man i volenteer at a nonprofit arts cafe. we make and sell goods by donations the cafe is called sketchybeats in Edinburgh
  • @Elise Hounslow I know a platform with lots of volunteers, they would help non profit organisations, do let me know if your friends would like to
  • I'm helping to run our Mutual Aid group, whilst we have nothing immediately, i've notified our partners, AgeUK, Peaceful Solutions, Little Village and few more, so I'll get back to you if they need anything, thanks so much for your generosity
  • Hi @Ucman Balaban , thank you for your post. It is very kind of you to do so. I'm the Founder of Black Teens Speak Up, Nigeria and I would like to do an animation about our opportunities for black creators and what our organization is all about. Please feel free to check out our website here: www.btsuofficial.weebly.com
    If you feel like its something you would want to do, please reply here and I'll email you.
    Thanks, Dara.
  • Hi Ucman,

    Thank you for your post, it's very kind of you. I'm the manager of Kadampa Meditation Centre London and I would like to do an animation about meditation and our classes. Please check our website here: http://meditation.london/

    The website of the tradition in general: https://manjushri.org/

    If you feel it's the right charity you are looking for please reply here and I'll contact you.

    Thank you,
  • @Ucman Balaban you would message me your email, then I will connect you to them
  • I would connect you to some non profit organizations in Hong Kong

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