Looking for - or to create a collective of makers, writers and doers. (Expanded in full in ask)

Hi Everyone, In the past I've managed musicians and artists founding galleries and creating opportunities. Since entering the corporate/media world I've really missed just the pure, messy creativity.

I'd love to find some people who are up for forming a collective or critical club that come together, spread news, share our work *critically analysing it* and ultimately support or foster ideas to drive together.

The thing I miss about my old galleries was the pure joy of making and not thinking. Now feels too much like I'm always talking to people *to get something out of them* - I'd love to go back to the pure joy of just making together.

If people are game, please get in contact with me. Love to hear from anyone.

Unsure of outcome yet, consider this just a call for anyone who is interested in talking through ideas. I'm particularly interested in Digital Storytelling in all forms, Photography and experiential pieces (Ex-Hack, Gallerist and Music Manager) but happy for anyone.

If interested, pop us a line on chris@artinbrighton.co.uk


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