Looking for people willing to be photographed. A free portrait or two for your time. Get in touch if interested! Details below.

Hey all!
I'm a portrait & lifestyle photographer and currently, I have a small personal project on the go all about smiles/joy and human emotion. It's very straight
forward and evolving.

I'm looking for happy go lucky folk that fancy a portrait taken of themselves, totally for free.

Londoners only btw for the time being.
In return for your time & a small set of photos, I get to produce some lovely portraits and use them for this project of mine called “Walking With”.

It's early stages right now and is one of those projects that I just want to get out of my system because it hasn't got a huge concept behind it. Although could evolve into something more interesting.
I will only spend upto an hour with you and walk around the area you live or work :)

Please do get in touch and tell your friends! I can be reached on here or at


  • Hello Ben, I am happy to help you with your project. I'm a model based in London.
    instagram: https://instagram.com/orpheus.exodus

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