Looking for poets / writers to collaborate on an animation

Any poets interested in collaborating on an animation? I would love to create a short animated film (5 mins max) using a poem as a voiceover basis. Very open to any themes as i'm just exporing the possibility of the idea at the moment and would love to hear from anyone who would be interested

The idea would be that the poem would guide the visuals and be quite abstract, incorporating a constant metamorphosis.

Please get in touch if you know anyone who would like to see their poem in animated form.

Feel free to reply on here or email me at: stephanieanjomedia@gmail.com

Thanks so much! :)


  • Hey Stephanie! I write poetry and interdisciplinary. This sounds super cool and the concept of being text and visuals together to story-tell and provide an alternative experience is something I’ve been interested in for some time! Would love to connect and chat with you. Best,
  • Hi Stephanie! I'm a poet/spoken word artist & I have voiceover experience. I have a video posted on my page & I can send you more samples if you're interested. I'd love to collaborate, I've been wanting to do an animated poetry film for a while.

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