Looking to hire a crew to build a movable space design.

We're seeking creatives specializing in set design, architecture, or installation art to help us bring our vision to life.

They will collaborate with us to build a movable space that serves as a set for video productions and a walkable booth at events.

The space should reflect our brand story and make a strong first impression at our headquarters later.

We're hiring a Creative Fellow for concepting and planning, a Craft Fellow with expertise in materials and geodesic domes, or open to collaborating with an agency or studio.

The space should be around 20m² and 3m high.

Join our in-house creative studio team to create something unique.

VisionAI is a German startup democratizing industries and championing independent brands.

email: e.hennemeyer@visionai.co


  • Hello Elias! My set design company Drewit Studio are interested in this opportunity. Our website is www.drewitstudio.com could you give us an email at hello@drewitstudio.com with some more information? Thanks so much
  • Hi I would love to join as a Creative Fellow and help with the conceptualisation! Could I know more please?

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