Manchester based influencers* Looking for some help on how to find micro influencers for a whisky brand.

Looking for micro influencers with 5K plus following for a whisky brand. Ideally someone with an arts background male or female, and would be to produce content. The overall theme is quite hipster, with the idea that the whisky would be the type of drink you would as an alternative to your Jack Daniels. If anyone has any suggestions please message me.

Thanks in advance


  • @Lauren Johnstone hi thank you for your help! I was able to find a few but I will definitely keep you in mind for the next time!
  • I would look at whiskey focused venues and businesses around Manchester (or close area) check if they have posted any collab posts but also their tags and location check ins on Instagram. Scan through the posts, look for higher likes and keep checking profiles to see if someone is a local whisky influencer. Places like The Whiskey Jar would be a good start. Then I’d check the hashtags used by these locations and check those too if any are location specific/ unique ones.

    I’d also just hit google and search things like “Manchester whiskey blog/club”. Do a similar thing on Twitter too.

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