Mindhealth are looking for animations to accompany an audio recording of a personal story around well-being. This would include subtitles.

Our Mission

Mind Health is a wellbeing organisation working to empower, equip and engage medical students with ideas and tools to improve their health, wellbeing and self-care. At the moment we are running a photo-series campaign with stories about maintaining wellbeing by medical students and clinicians, and general medical-student specific tips around self-care.

Mind Health core values are the following:

- Promoting wellbeing in healthcare
- Building and connecting a community of individuals interested in wellbeing
- Providing education around self-care and resilience
- Tackling stigma and improving visibility of support available

What do we need?

We are looking for animations to accompany an audio recording of a personal story around well-being. This would include subtitles.

Why do we need it?

To present the stories that have been shared with us in an engaging way and to maintain the anonymity of some who are sharing their mental health journeys who may not want to show their face.

Our vision for the project:

Our vision is instagram reels with accompanying animations to enhance the audio of the personal well-being story. We are pretty flexible as to the exact style and happy to communicate and adapt based on what the animator is comfortable with – ideally there would be:
- Re-enactment of the story around wellbeing the interviewee is speaking about
- The main parts of what is being said coming up on the screen as text.
- We have a sign-pff animation for the end of the videos (like the end of watchmojo) to be added
- We have a brand colour scheme to be utilised as much as possible in the videos

Target audience:

Medical Students based in the United Kingdom interested in or curious about maintaining their wellbeing, or mental health. Instagram and/or TikTok users.

Point of contact: mindhealthteam@gmail.com



  • Sounds great! If you haven't found someone then I'd be interested.
  • Hi Adil, this sounds like something me and my partner Jenny would love to get involved in you can find our work here: https://www.afterdarkanimation.com/home.html

    We are always keen to make animation with a positive impact!


  • Hi Adil! Sounds like an incredible opportunity for a very important cause, me and two friends run a small animation studio called Infanta specialized in animation projects just like this!

    You can see a bit of our work together here:

    Promotional animated video for Xcaret Arte Hotel in Playa del Carmen (Mexico):
    vimeo.com/552165934 (password: infanta_xcaret)

    Animated music video for Netflix's Song Exploder Series, Season 2 Episode 5 (full episode available on the platform):

    More of my illustration work and instagram here:

    Please don't hesitate to get in touch, my email is: borregaviuda@gmail.com

    Would love to hear from you!

    All the best,
  • Hello Adil,

    I completely agree, mental health is so important especially after these two years. I would love to help & contribute! I'm an independent 2D animator and here's my showreel and my website.
    Showreel (50s): https://vimeo.com/602688343
    Website: www.lokyitsoi.com
    You can drop me a message if you see fits, kitttly002@gmail.com
    Kitty Tsoi
  • Hi Adil. Sounds like a fascnating project. I'd love to be involved. Please have a look at my work here: https://www.tomgravestock.com/ I'm at tom.gravestock@gmail.com
  • Hello Adil,

    I have sent over an email to the above email. It sounds like such a brilliant project! My email is victoriagearycontact@gmail.com

    Please do not hesitate to get in contact !


  • Hi Adil,

    Love the sound and cause of this project.

    I have experiance creating 2D animations that bring audio files to life in passion projects which can be seen here:

    - https://indigoprice.com/hidden-homelessness
    - https://indigoprice.com/the-legacy-of-tomorrow-rsa-design-awards

    I have also woked translating poetry to animated instagram assets for an experimental documentary film:

    - https://indigoprice.com/culture-switch-illustrations

    Let me know if you would like any more info.
    My email address is: indigopricedesign@gmail.com


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