Monday musing, what are your thoughts on marketing yourself as an artist working across art forms.

Do you compartmentalise yourself depending on art form you work with at the time or do you present yourself as a whole ‘multidisciplinary’ creative? I’d love to hear from you and the ways in which you choose how to present. 🌞


  • I personally don’t think anyone should pigeonhole themselves or hold back their own potential - we all form our own path. However in my industry (Film/TV) it comes across as wishy-washy/uncommitted if you work across multiple departments without sticking to one, due to the hierarchies that exist within each department. It’s something I’m still working through myself, but I think that as long as the work you present is of a quality you’re happy with, and you can clearly demonstrate the ways in which you deployed your strengths, then just follow whatever makes you happy.

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