Need some feedback on this "Proposal to Connect all Design for the Common Good"

Design does not exist or function in a vacuum. It also does not exist without Mother Earth. Gaia gifts everything we need for us to live and thrive. What we have unfortunately done with her philanthropy created the divides, crises, and opportunities we still have. Nature provides for all of us and, equally as important, is a model for inspiration and creation for the “common good”. Nature works as a cycle where waste is food and excess is eliminated. Nature works in a series of countless connected systems that rely on one another to achieve a sustainable balance.

Systems Thinking is “the way”
The current model of teaching and practicing design is rooted in Colonial Imperialism which rejects the cyclical process of nature for one that is linear and unsustainable which consistently excludes non-white cultural voices, creates toxic waste and messaging, increases greenhouse gas emissions that warm our climate, and supports misogyny all in the name of a rising GDP.

(read more about the proposal in the link below)


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