New Challenge! - New Story!

Hey Everybody,

I hope you’re well. I would like to ask for collaboration/partnership for my new project, THE SSLM.

Protect Your Story! - Protect Your Culture!

It's a new startup project about Vanarama North Leagues Teams starting in August 2023.

Football Manager games have millions of users worldwide. For example, Football Manager 2023, which is one of the most popular football manager games, sold over one million copies in the first two weeks after its release in November 2022.

Additionally, many Websites and Facebook Groups were created for this game to share Tips and create communication between people worldwide.

My aim is that create a new society with three social media channels (Youtube, TikTok and Instagram) and two or three languages (English, Turkish and Italian) “most interest in football” to start to show Vanarama North Leagues Teams to the world with different stories, lives and cities from own perspective.

Therefore, I’m looking for somebody interested in football who wants to create a new culture on social media.



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