One of the biggest gripes I have about our industry is that as a female director working in commercial production, I am a minority.

A rare commodity that gets hired primarily to deal with content that features boobs, bums, or lady bits. On my most recent TVC, the only other woman in the crew besides myself was the HMU. The crew was all men, the producer a man, the agency CD a man. And this was late 2021 on a shoot for a woman's product!

With women driving up to 80% of all consumer purchasing decisions (source: Bloomberg), there is an apparent disconnect between the creation and execution of the advertising we consume and the primary audience.

So I have decided to do something about it.

Today on International Women's Day 2022, I am proud to announce Sister Motion. A full-service production agency that connects brands with brilliant women and under-represented groups to bring passion, courage, and a spirit of collaboration to commercial video production. I believe that diverse creative teams will produce content that's uniquely empowered to resonate with the diverse makeup of today's consumer population.

I am already having positive meetings with brands who have expressed an interest in working with us, and I am looking for brilliant women and talent from underrepresented groups to join the Sister Motion movement. If you are a director, editor, colorist, CD, DOP, or crew that would like to join our roster, please email us -

Let's set competition aside and come together to create a community that can help brands challenge stereotypes and build a more tolerant society.


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