Open Call for Video-Artists and Filmmakers (Creatives and Artists) on projects made during lockdown --Deadline 3rd of

VIDEOFENSTER 2021 is an immersive urban video-art and film project that will take place in Cologne’s Ehrenfeld neighbourhood, from the 22nd to the 27th of June 2021. The Event will run in the daytime between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. and from 10 p.m. to midnight during the night. Ehrenfeld’s streets will come alive thanks to a trail of audio-visual pieces by international artists and filmmakers. The theme connecting all the pieces is lockdown and isolation during the Covid_19 pandemic. The landscape will be transformed, in ways that will surprise residents and visitors a like. We expect that VIDEOFENSTER 2021 will allow us all to reflect and communicate our experiences and feelings about the changed world we live in.

– Video_Fenster_Ehrenfeld is an invitation to artistically and symbolically express the effects of living in lockdown due to the global CoronaVirus pandemic. It’s an invitation to tear down the walls of our homes and share our innermost thoughts and feelings with our communities and environments.

– Video_Fenster_Ehrenfeld is an initiative to reactivate our neighbourhoods and our communities by offering ‘viewers’ the unique possibility to reconnect with urban landscapes via audio-visual art. It’s an opportunity for mediating experiences through audio-visual media in public spaces.

– Video_Fenster_Ehrenfeld desires to expand viewers’ perceptions of the city by merging elements of architecture and film. Each part of Video_Fenster’s audio-visual trail becomes a possibility to transform a transient pedestrian into a conscious spectator, stimulating symbolic perception and blurring the boundaries among reality and illusion.

– Video_Fenster_Ehrenfeld offers people of all ages and backgrounds an opportunity to enjoy film, video & media art in public spaces. To encourage public engagement and access, all urban and online screenings will be provided free of charge and are accessible to all.

– As an artist and creator you will have the chance to show your work on Video Fenster’s screens in Ehrenfeld and online as well as being part of the first versión of the Project. – The decisions related to final screening spaces and times for each selected video will be decided by VIDEOFENSTER 2021’s curators. Videos may be screened in more than one location during the event. – By submitting your work you are giving faith that the piece you have entered for submission is made by you and you have all the rights to exhibit the contents of your video. – If your work is selected for exhibition you give the organizers the right to screen your work during VIDEOFENSTER 2021 in all locations mentioned in the open. You also grant permission to Video Fenster to exhibit the entirety of your work online at All chosen works will become part of VIDEOFENSTER’s archive and may be presented for cultural or educational use by non commercial broadcast channels that the project deems appropriate. – If your work is chosen, up to 15 seconds of your work might be used for promoting or VIDEOFENSTER’s events on different types of media including media forms and accounts of our collaborating partners. – Artists and filmmakers will be contacted if the material submitted has to be modified for screening purposes. – In 2021’s version of VIDEOFENSTER there will be no costs related to the selection and installation of your work. VIDEOFENSTER will not provide any funding related to travel expenses or any other costs the artist/filmmaker.


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