Opportunity for an Independent feature length film. A Modern adaptation of Dante's Inferno in Switzerland from May to June.

Hey everyone, I extremly blessed to have the chance to film my first feature length as a director this year from May to June.

The film will be a mixed genre horror where we follow Dan, a young writer who has lost his childhood love as he ventures through all nine circles of hell.

I am looking for Actors and possibly crew to hire for the shoot. Travel, accomodation and food will be provided during the whole shoot. Payment for cast and crew however will be in the form of differed payment stemming from the profit the film makes once distributed.

The shoot will take place in an old Victorian Manor in the countryside of Switzerland. We will be quarantining there as a crew and cast.

What you will get :
A chance to travel to Switzerland and stay in a Victorian Manor for 4-5 weeks (Some will stay less time)
Travel fees, Accomodation and food will be taken care of and reimbursed by the production for the whole shoot
Differed payment in a percentage form of the net profits of the film sales once the film is distributed (relative to the job)
Experience on a feature length film and editing material you can use for your showreels

What I am looking for :
Actors :
Must speak english fluently and be able to get on set and stay there for the period they are scheduled to shoot.
Roles :
Dante (Lead) - Male Actor aged between 28 - 35
Helen (Supporting) - Female Actor aged between 25-35
Mr.Portinary (Supporting) - Male actor aged between 60 - 80
Ciacco (Supporting) - Male Actor aged between 28-35

Crew :
We have most of our Crew confirmed and book already but there could be space for some extra motivated fellow minded creatives. I want to give as many people as possible a chance to work on this but there is only a limited amount of space in the Manor. Feel free to apply even if your job is not listed in the tag.

DM me or coment if you are interested or need more information.

Herostratus LTD


  • Hey Louis,

    This sounds great. I'd love to be apart of this as an AC, script supervisor or even set photographer. My work and IMDb are all linked from here:
  • Hi, this sounds great!
    If you need anymore camera crew I can send you my CV.
    All the best!
  • Hi Louis,
    Just read your post and am super keen to get involved if you are still looking for actors. I can send you my showreel etc If you give me your email.
    All the best and look forward to hearing from you.
  • Hey Louis - shout me if you need someone to shoot Production Stills/EPK - have experience in major studio features and would be keen to get involved.
  • Hi Louis.. I hope all is well.. I am keen in the roll of Helen.. are you still hiring for this role? I am also a skilled production PA so I have Multiple skills that could aid this production. Would it be possible foe more information here by chance?

    I've sent a connection request and my email is mehakhussain239@gmail.com

    Thank you!
  • Hey Louis,

    I'm an an aspiring director and this opportunity sounds amazing. I've requested to connect with you. Could you send me any relevant information as I am really intrested in the production and willing to work as a runner or anywhere possible alongside the crew.
    I can send you over my cv/portfolio.
    Thank you, hope to hear form you soon,

  • Hi there Louis,
    I'm a runner and inspired screen and content writer. I am very interested in your production and being involved in any capacity where possible, wether it being shadowing someone or working as a runner. Please let me know if you would like me to send you a CV or if I can help out in any way. Thanks

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