Powerpoint has a dirty reputation but are there any creatives out there who can use it to design my workshop on storytelling for Coca-Cola?

I've got the ideas and the content, just need someone who knows PPT inside and out to help me bring it to life. Great opportunity to shine in front of senior Coke audience


  • Hi Ben,

    I'm an experienced graphic and presentation designer. Loads of powerpoint experience for workshops and pitches. Here's my graphic design folio: https://martamateulloveras.myportfolio.com

    Ping me a note if you'd like to see my PPT folio (can't share it widely due to sensitive info). My email is martamateulloveras@gmail.com

  • Actually i started my work as a designer from massive work on powerpoint ! :D its funny but its true i discovered my passion starting from powerpoint.. If you would be interested i can share my pieces.
    let me know milosz@bagstudios.co my portfolio bagstudios.co
  • Hi Ben!

    I have quite a bit of experience designing custom templates and slide decks in PowerPoint. I’d be happy to send some examples if you’re still looking for a designer. My email is apdsgnco@gmail.com.

    Best of luck!

  • Hi Ben,

    I fully understand your dilema, I actually used to use PPT previously whenpresentating my work and so became very familiar with it. I would be happy to get involved with this project. If you're still looking for a Graphic designer please email; eugene.ekuban@outlook.com.



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