Product Designer or UX/UI Designer? What’s really the difference?


  • @Nicolas Mahlunge yeah I can see where you’re coming from. As a UX Designer, I struggle to relate to the term Product Designer as I see it as more generalist from inception to development whereas I work on one product solely but dovetail with a UI Designer towards the latter of the design process
  • @Steven O'Neil also… product designer usually work on one product and it’s all about making it better until the end of time 😂😂 - ux/ui designer get the luxury of dancing between projects.
  • @Steven O'Neil it’s just my opinion. But yea I’d say that would be the key difference is. In agencies that do both brochure websites as well as,say, SaaS platforms - they’d probably ask for a IX/UI designer so that it covers both deliverables. Where as clientsside or agencies that solely focus on digital products would require a product designer… both do the same thing in practise but the deliverable outcomes may be different… at least this has been my experience.
  • @Nicolas Mahlunge that’s interesting. I never thought of it in terms of client-side vs agency-side. Would you say typically Product Designers design apps; mobile and web, whereas UX/UI Designers tend to do more traditional web design?
  • From my experience product designers usually tend to be client side, UX/UI designers tend to be agency side and more light weight products.. I.e small websites. Otherwise nah, no difference really. Imo
  • I’m not convinced there is a difference aside from one company doing one thing and another doing the other

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