Project Managers, what do you use to manage projects and resource through your creative studio? Looking to upgrade our current system.

We're a motion studio that to date has used a gsheet to keep track of all our projects and who is working on them. We are expanding and with that we are looking at ways to help manage the team.

We are happy to pay for a service and have trialled a couple of well-known examples (Asana, which can manage projects individually really well, but seem to fall down on how these individual projects impact each other - a pretty major piece of the puzzle!

If a deadline shifts or extra resource is needed, I want to update that projects timeline and then see the impact that has on the rest of the studios workflow.

There simply must be a better way or perhaps I'm missing something.

I'd love to hear from anyone who has a good reccomendation or system that works well for them.


  • @Alfonso Castaneda Thanks for your reply. You're absolutely right, top of our list was to ensure it was something that everyone was happy to use otherwise it'll be a non-starter. I have used Trello too in the past. Kanban boards are a nice visual representation which creatives always respond well to. Sadly in this scenario, it doesn't quite meet our needs.

    There seems like theres a gap in the market for some bright upstart!
  • Good morning all, so far I have worked with Trello, Brightpod, Slack, Basecamp, Open Project and even Post-its on a board, the only thing that has worked in my experience is the one that everyone wants to use because it´s hard to fullfill everyones need so always focus on keep it simple "which table has ordered what dish" and that´s it.

    I like using Trello, I find it the easiest.

    Glad to share and read common grounds.
  • @Rob Fletcher Thanks for your response. It's sounds as if we have run into similar issues. Our current system works and is free and easy, however it's not fool-proof. The options that we have tried do come at quite a cost, which would be fine if they seamlessly did everything that we want....but they don't - so why spend the money!?

    It's reassuring to hear others have had similar issues - if only to make me feel less stupid! If I find the magic answer, I'll be sure to update you!!
  • Hey, we currently use a cunning blend of Trello and GCal/Gdocs to track our projects which works really well. It doesn't adequately cover the resource tracking part of the picture though so we've been scoping the obvious candidates like Farmer's Wife, Ceta, Salesforce, the list goes on. We haven't yet found one that integrates everything we need well, withough getting "spendy" very quickly. We're currently trialing Odoo which looks very interesting but is a hellova learning curve and/or we need to figure out a way of assigning more time to properly getting our hands dirty...

    Sorry that's a lot of words and probably not much actual help - I'd be interested to hear where you end up with this!
  • very good question! I'd hire an apprentice to show him/her how to use a Gantt chart.. for starters, in post-production it'd be very interesting to see how the time is used, but to some extent it's impossible to measure it, because rendering for instance can be unpredictable.

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