Q: Talent compensation

Hi Dots,
General question on booking talent, how much compensation do you think is fair for a half day's work of filming + VO? We're covering transport and catering, but want to know what's fair to offer. Any advice welcome!


  • I'd say it depends on the experience of the person you're hiring, but as a general idea for freelancers in the audiovisual industry in the UK, and from recent surveys I've read, I think in the UK juniors are paid around 250£/day, midweight (3-5 years of xp) from 300-325£, and seniors (6 and up) around 375£. But this of course varies from freelance to freelance, and some people may have as a general approach to charge no less than a full day when booked, simply cause the prep and set up around it prevents from commiting to other work during that day and the rest of the day is lost. It depends on people of course.
    But hopefully you'll have other answers to add to mine so you can get a broader picture. :)

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