Searching for a marketing internship for summer 2020 within the music industry

I'm a MSc Marketing student at Queen's University Belfast and as part of my final semester I can take part in an internship to base my dissertation on, I am looking to get into the music industry but it is quite a difficult sector to get into, does anyone any have tips or guidance (or contacts) that would help me achieve this? Cheers


  • Lots of labels, major and indies, have specific programmes for interns these days, but they can get quite competitive to get onto - always worth a shot. Back in the day, starting out by making the tea can work, just to get a foot in the door (that's how Island Records current president started) though I can't imagine your University would approve!
  • Hey mate
    I struggle with the same issue, but not because I don't have the connection, but the timing. As a tip:
    -Make sure you're aware what you can bring in or what you could contribute
    -Think about what makes you special (They in general like show-people)
    -Know about the business itself, types of contracts, trends etc. (Do a deep research!!!!!!!!)
    -Deliver! Give them a taste what you could do for them. It should work out, and if not, don't focus too much on the music industry, but also on the whole entertainment industry.
    Music industry is an organism itself. Sometimes it works and sometimes it don't.

    Hope it will help you a bit.

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