Struggling with the practicality of this app. Anyone know an innovative way to present art on this app? Maximising engagement seems tough.

This app clearly has the potential to become a social platform on the level of an Instagram or LinkedIn, excluding the reliance on corporate or vanity metrics.
So there’s definitely a strong appeal to maximise one’s audience engagement before the 'boom' happens, so to speak.
I’m trying to do that, but, maybe I lack a certain level of innovation to encourage the desired engagement. So I still rely on Instagram and other apps. However, the audience on this app is more refined and specific for the kind of collaborators and audience I want to have.
Can anyone else relate?


  • Hey there @Mofe Demuren

    You can do this by creating a project ( I would also recommend attending our next Getting started with The Dots webinar (RSVP here: to pick up some additional tips

    Hope this helps :-)
  • HIya, Have you attended one of the 'Getting Started on the Dots' webinars yet? I found it really helpful, loads of useful tips on how to use it best to your advantage

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