Take part in my blog?

Hi there!
I’m in preparation to start creating my blog about mental health for young women. It focuses on offering advice, hearing stories from individuals and other content such as beauty and entertainment.
If there’s anyone who would like to say there storY about how mental health has affected them and what advice they could give, then please feel free to contact me! I would LOVE to hear from you.
Also, I’ve created an Instagram and twitter account but I may need some help to run it so if anyone would like to help me out that would be much appreciated.
I have not launched my blog yet as I am still writing content to be published but my blog is called ‘ANXIETY QUEENS’


  • If you would like to contact me:

    Email: anxietyqueensss@gmail.com
    Instagram: @anxietyqueensss
    Twitter: @anxietyqueensss


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