Tips for a first time fashion week photographer..

Hi there, i'm very excited to have take on my first fashion week assignment (Copenhagen) and I was wondering if anyone had any tips or general advice for shooting on the runway and backstage. Thanks!


  • Thank you for all the advice - will definately be taking camera setting tips on board as it's my first time photographing a live show.

    As for press passes, i'm dealing directly with the brands or their pr's so will chase to see if i'm granted backstage/side runway.

    I wondered if anyone knew what to expect in terms of editing? Obviously they require a fast turn around. How many images do you usually provide per show and any tips for managing flow?
  • I do Runway a lot the most important advise is to have fun.
    Get there early to get a good spot in the pit that means about 3hours in advance depends on the show. Set your camera fully manual. that means also iso, white balance, everything the less you use the cup the better.
    Use fast shutter speed I normally go to 500 and aperure that's up to you. Most photographer use from 4 to 5.6 I like fast aperture 1.8
  • As Elizabeth wrote, you will have a one position to shoot from during the show. I was shooting for Organizators of the catwalks, so I could go anywhere I wanted to, so make sure, what can you do with your invitation. Did they send you a press badge? If not, can you ask any of the Brands to do so? Make sure you're going to feel comfortable and say clearly who you work with, if anyone asks ;). An yes, be friendly to other photographers is also super nice and also I can add to take care about your safety, there are many people around, once I collided with a videographer, we didn't see each other ^^'.
  • Hi Amelia,
    If you've been given a press invite you may well find yourself in the photo pit at the end of the catwalk. There are unwritten rules there for where you stand etc... just be aware. Are you working for a publication or on behalf of a brand? I would contact the brands you're covering this for (if not for a publication) and tell them the access you need to deliver what you've discussed. That way if it's their show you should be able to have backstage. I've not done Copenhagen before so don't know the vibe but there's a lot of rule breaking to get what you want. Be invisible. PRs are the best and worst in this setting. Make friends with other photographers.
    Have fun x
  • Thank you Anna, all super helpful advice. Breakfast is a must haha. A couple of the brands that i'm collaborating with have sent me a press invite, should I expect to be allocated a seat or that i'll be able to get back stage or end of the runway if they haven't specified? Thanks
  • I can help with general tips for backstage and catwalk shooting - be brave, eat good brekfast (seriously, this kind of job needs a lot of effort and constant focus), look for interesting framing not only obvious one. Make sure you don't interupt people, but when you see a possibility to conect with someone - do it :). I loved to take very dynamic photographies, catch emotions and challenge myself to create less obvious images. I've changed angels of framing, to have different material in the end result, especialy from catwalks. Make sure you know the agenda and have it on your phone to keep up with the most important parts. Make yourself comfortable - have your lenses and camera carried the way they will not kill your back...I've literlly written everything that came to my mind ^^. Good luck!

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