To the photographers and videographers in the community, how important is sustainability to your business?

I'm developing an agency that automatically invests in acredited off-setting projects for each shoot completed. Interested in how this community would engage with this as a premise.


  • Hi,
    Yeah agree with you both on this. The desire is there to attempt to be as sustainable as possible whilst keeping everything else within a sensible budget. Travel for example, use of seemless backgrounds (paper), a lot of "bits" can be reused but yeah I'd say my main footprint comes from actually getting everyone on set. That's if we don't include the actual massive negative impact of the manufacture of all the electronics we use....
  • @Maciek Wojciechowski Hi Maciek, thanks for replying.
    The desire is definitely there. Most photographers and creatives in general support a move to more sustainable practices. The tricky part is balancing the process of a shoot, which need to focus on the quality of the product ultimately, with being able to make a change. I think I've got a solution in mind to keep an eye out.

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