HELP - Our driving arrangements have changed and we need someone with their own insured car who can drive 3-lovely peeps :)
  • Depart London 9:30/10am
  • Depart Margate 7pm for London
  • Personal-project passion film that we will be shooting
  • £100 plus petrol allowance
  • DM if you'd be up for it and able to help - thanks


  • Can you tell more regarding contents of your film and also if you was looking for someone who has 1. Befriended a African trans guy/lady who would be killed it he where to go hone. To her or his c hillhood in a tough family with brothers and h as bing to hide the true him to know living in the uk working on NHS and constantly getting men trying to get a piece of the beautjful nurse stood in front of them (. I wonder how many still think about that nurse. There’s more to discuss about said person bc as I actually really enjoyed there company during what was xx q thought tear for me bs the 2!bd experience was recently after jointly q dating site I gad just short of 100 matches to speak too I i kind of threw qll my eggs In basket as one match was Jess ( or so I believed for two week ) anyway hope iv not gone on too long just thought I would give you more options integrals to your show good luck xx
  • Hi Mich! I am available and own my own Fiat500 which carries 3:)

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