What do you look for in a portfolio from a junior designer? Share your tips and how you’ve started your creative journey! :)


  • Don’t try to be the jack of all trades. Don't rate your skills (like Photoshop Skills 8/10) Why anyone would want to employ someone who isn’t amazing at it? Make sure you highlight the creative input you've had into any project you showcase. If you’re just starting out and finding yourself scraping your archive for materials, I would suggest to profile yourself with just some single projects. Provide case studies on those projects and be able to talk about and discuss your work. Tell the story of your porjects. Show the best parts and impress with the attention of details until they will forgot that you have so little projects into your portfolio. Think of a case study as the story of your work. Start with an introduction explaining the project and giving a brief overview of the client, the scenario, and the outcome. We all want to hear about the initial approach, the research, why you decided to lay it out in that way, why you chose that font, that color, everything. What really matters (far more than what color it is) is that you can talk about it and justify your decision. Companies are looking for potential rather than current skill. Make it personal and make us see the passion for your craft in your portfolio.
  • Genuine interest in the practice and an idea of themes they have been exploring themselves. If a designer does it for the love, they will be a pleasure to work with.
  • Besides showcase your works and experience, as a Junior Designer please share your passion and extracurricular love (if you paint, take pictures, hand prints, tailoring.. any) I think that's so important.

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