What is the best route to take to become an an A&R/ music manager? I am an A level student contemplating whether a degree is best route.

If anyone could give me some advice and direct me in the direction of how I can get my foot into the music industry would be very much appreciated.


  • @Alexandra (Lex) Hearth
    Thank you for your response, really appreciate it.
    I’ll give your interview a listen for sure!
  • Hey William,
    From what I've seen with music, there's no 'best way' - its about building experience independently and then looking for an internship/entry role into a major eg. Universal (if thats where you want to go). A degree could be helpful as some roles may look for that, but its definitely not essential.
    I interviewed Komali Scott-Jones, who's A&R director at AWAL a while ago who explained how she got into A&R - might be worth a listen here: https://open.spotify.com/episode/2d8LDrhTp9mamdma5Dw6Na?si=5ec519c4f45e4b55 hope that helps, Lex

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