Working on series "Production Postponed - Filmmaking behind the Pandemic" & searching for people from TV & Film who want to be interviewed?

The first episode of "Production Postponed" is launching on April 20th and we will post every three days a new episode showing different players in the industry and shedding light on how the pandemic has influenced their workflow.

Our first interviews for this project have shown that the restrictions have influenced the film industry in various ways.
Many countries have put in place a prohibition of contact and announced lockdowns. As a consequence, on-going productions are being postponed or filming is continued with new measurements. We are very interested in learning what measurement have been taken in your country, what effect if already had on your work and how you think it will influence your projects in the future.

We are currently getting in touch with key players of the TV & Film industry and interviewing players holding different roles as Film Editor, Executive Producer, Video Editor, Distributor (Film Festival), Film Director, Actors and many more who are based in different countries such as Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, Iran, UK, Switzerland, France and the US.

Moreover, there are currently 93% of freelancers in the UK who are not able to work during this crisis, hence we are reaching out here to find these freelancers and other professionals of the industry!

Please get in touch, if you are interested:

I am looking forward to our exchange!


  • Hello!

    Freelance television producer here. I was working on a production when COVID hit the UK and moved onto home working for a little while before the production was sadly pulled. I also fall into the bracket of being one of the ones who falls through the cracks of the governments financial support, keen to speak out on this if my story would benefit your project!


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