Would anyone mind giving me portfolio feedback me? emmacoleman.online

I’m a recent graduate looking for a job and would like to get my portfolio ready to get a job


  • Hi Emma,

    I agree with Agata's comment about the mistake in the sentence, that would turn away so many potential employers. I also think having a loop video behind the text of some of your great design work would be a nice way to entice people to click the link.

    Overall, there are some nice pieces with really good use of color and texture - the pandemic and bowling at the O2 pieces are very strong. Whilst there is some nice work, I feel like you could add a few more personal projects like some more experiments with type or more textured/collage animations.
  • Hi Emma,

    1. After landing on your homepage I spotted a mistake in the first sentence. I think you should have break the rules instead of 'the break rules'. Having a mistake as such right away will eliminate you as a candidate in the first 10s. I'm not sure if this was intentional as to reflect that you are breaking the rules, but personally I wouldn't like that.

    2. On about page - I'd adjust the width of the title so it doesn't go over your image. The leading could be tightened up too. Margins are not even. the text could sit nicely where your navigation starts. After I scroll down I see again your contact details - I don't think you need to show them twice.

    3. You have some nice projects there! I also love how after I scroll down to the end of a project and I'm presented with the option to click to the next one.

    Overall I liked your work! Well done for the effort and putting it together! The website is simple, easy to navigate and you let the projects shine.

    Good luck in job search! :)

  • Hi Emma, I am by no means an expert but i really like your portfolio its smooth I have a few bits of feedback but i'd like to DM you if thats ok?

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