Young Ex Tories Supporters Who Have Turned Their Back...

It's official I am pleased to now announce that I was part of this important project, which I appreciate the Dazed  Digital News team for captureing all of our insights and #TheTruthBehind to why myself and fellow Young ex Tories supporters have turned our backs on #conservatives as #youngtories who were once supporters of The British @Conservatives what a fantastic, well produced article with DAZED Magazine Dazed Media

Here's a bit of an insight to the full reason, why I personally turned  my back:

I supported the conservative because of Brexit, the factor of saving the legacy for Britain. Which would make it's own decision and policy which are not under the European Union's policies and guidelines.. We have seen that we are able to leave the European Union, which in my opinion takes away the Identity of a country, financial value and its legacy. I have also be aware that the UK was the only country in the European Union which was able to keep the £. Which brings me to the question if David Cameron, who time was forever in the pockets of the European Union, which brings me to say. If the United Kingdom was the head of the European Union..?

I also did not appreciate the leadership of our previous conservative leaders especially David Cameron and Boris Johnson.

Who continues to be in the background when we must bring back up the topic of "The Greensill Scandal in regards to David Cameron..."

I am not pleased that we are still awaiting for COVID Inquiry as I've lost some individuals to the unorganised handling of this matter.

Which I believe was a convenient get out clause and cost saving period for the Conservatives party The Conservative Party. In result, as a ex Conservative voter, who is very displeased by what has been allowed to take place throughout the years.

No to be honest I have now given a new outlook for small parties and have walked away from the factory of British Politics election voting system.  {To Read More}👇🏾

You now able to read this #BreakingNews Online article, by visiting the following link -

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Stay updated with next post in regards to The Claudes SEN Law Campaign. In the next coming days. ✍🏾✊🏾📢


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