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What’s the secret to great marketing leadership today? What do we need to succeed at the top of our game? What do we need to practice and perfect if we want to be a changemaking leader?
On 19 September, we invite you to participate in a conversation around the topic of 21st Century Marketing Leadership. Picture this: a momentary pause to ignite your thoughts and connect with fellow visionaries at the start of your day. This is your chance to break away from the routine and engage in a dynamic exchange of ideas. 
In a world where the role of marketing is rapidly evolving, and the art of leadership is undergoing a metamorphosis, we're ushering in the day with an extraordinary opportunity for a shared learning experience  Here's what awaits you:
🤝 Connect virtually with other esteemed Society members for an enriching dialogue.
🌟 Gain insights from three remarkable business marketing leaders, each offering a distinct perspective to ignite the discourse.
☕ Kickstart your day with a shot of inspiration, sparking creativity and innovation.
Be a pivotal part of an intellectual conversation that transcends boundaries and conventions. Our pledge to you? An exhilarating start to your day, punctuated by revelations from industry luminaries. But this is not a monologue; your voice is essential, so please come armed with your own reservoir of ideas, challenges, and triumphs.
Secure your spot now and be part of something truly extraordinary. 
Let's pave the way for a brighter, bolder future in marketing leadership, together we achieve more.


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