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1 Greek St London W1D 4NQ - 1 Greek St, Soho, London W1D 4NQ, UK
Join 2B or Not 2B Life Drawing on the 26th of September for a life drawing session themed around Shohei Takasaki (ESEA Heritage Month)

About this event
Japanese artist, Shohei Takasaki is living and working in Japan, and making a name for himself as an unstoppably expressive and talented artist in the budding contemporary art scene. Creating works which display his powerful and freestyle approach to painting, Takasaki is fascinated by notions of desire and the physicality of sexual attraction between human bodies, bringing his imagery alive on its 2-D surfaces, pulsing and undulating in rich colors and dynamic lines.
Influenced by the key figures of the New York 1980s street culture scene Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Keith Haring, and masters of expressionist painting like Picasso and Klimt, Takasaki’s provocative and joyful practice is, thrillingly, self- taught. With no formal training, the brilliant creative abilities of this young artist are wonderful to see, with startlingly sharp and witty touches amongst a wider poetic depth and passion within.
Unafraid to walk the tightrope between abstraction and figuration, Takasaki distills his perception of the outside world and its inner individual passions, including his own, with neo-expressionist flair. There is something primitive and wild about Takasaki’s creations, and something romantic and insatiable too - like a beautiful beast willingly tamed by its captor, toying with the idea of escape."
Please note member tickets are only open to House of St Barnabas Members. If you are not a member of the House of St Barnabas, you can get your tickets here.
Please do not under any circumstances record (with your mobile) or screenshot the model, we welcome you to photograph, record and share your work on social media but please do not record their body out of respect for them, thank you! <3
Our sessions are inclusive and suitable for all abilities. Each pose is timed and called out before each pose.
* Something to draw on and something to draw with! You can grab whatever is nearest at hand, pen and paper, iPad, envelopes, whatever floats your boat! Take a look at our Instagram for more inspiration! @2bornot2bcollective
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Attendees — 3

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2B or Not 2B Collective: Shohei Takasaki (ESEA Heritage Month)1 Greek St, Soho, London W1D 4NQ, UK