Winchester, United Kingdom
Jenny is an acrylic-focused artist from Winchester known for her workshops on acrylic pouring, textured work and painting techniques! In her personal practice, Jenny creates beautiful still life and landscape paintings that really show off how her tutorials can be put to work as a professional.
Jenny will be leading our next Artgecko Art Club workshop, coming up on Wed 19th of May. The giveaway for the materials needed for the workshop is now live over on our Instagram page!
Jenny's an expert at workshops and her tutorial will talk you through creating interesting, textured abstract acrylic prints...on one of our new Artgecko Pro Acrylic Sketchpads.
Check out more of Jenny's work at:

Class suitable for beginners.
For anyone wanting to learn abstract techniques using acrylic paints.
If you want to follow along with the workshop, you will need:
• Artgecko Pro Acrylic Sketchpad - A3
• Low tack tape (or regular masking tape)
• Fan Brush
• A couple of flat square paint brushes
• Palette Knife or card
• Acrylics paints of your choice
Optional extras:
• Oil pastels
• Sponges
• Hairdryer
• Water
• Grouting tool/scraper tool (could use a wide toothed comb, or end of a paint brush to scrape through instead)
• Patterned Stencils (or create your own from stencil card or scrap paper/card)
• Anything for creating a print ie. paper cup, insulating foam cardboard tube, cork, corrugated card, skeleton leaf, sponge dabbers etc
• Pipette
• Paper straw for blowing inks
• Card offcuts
  • acrylic
  • acrylicpainting
  • abstractart
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  • workshop
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Attendees — 2

Artgecko Sketch X Jenny Muncaster - Abstract Acrylics WorkshopWinchester, United Kingdom