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183 Bow Road London - 183 Bow Rd, Bow, London E3 2SJ, UK

Organised by Bow Arts

Join us for an exploratory workshop with Libby Scarlett using speed and feeling to tease out the different components of our artistic practices and how slowing down and embedding care can radically change how we approach art-making as a practice. 

How does speed affect our art practice? When we are expected to be able to describe what we do as artists or what our work is about quickly, concisely, and without feeling, is that actually helpful to us or does it feel inadequate? If we intentionally broke our practices down into their many small parts to slow things down and then put them back together in a new way, do we get the same thing? Or does the act of moving elements around change speed and feeling?  
In this session, we will interrogate and tease apart our artistic and creative practices through a series of experiments, diagrams, and games to break things down, move things around, and bring everything back together. 
By thinking about our artistic practices and the things that impact them in terms of speed and feeling, we’ll gain clarity in seeing both the fragments and the bigger picture, whilst considering new ways to describe and approach what we do as artists and why we do it. 
In this session, you will: 
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the different components of your artistic practice 
  • Learn how slowing down can add elements of intention and care into how we practice and work as artists  
  • Explore different ways of presenting our practice that personalise and bring ourselves as artists to the forefront  
  • Connect with other artists and practitioners 


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Bow Skills artist peer-to-peer group: zooming in to zoom out – reflecting on your artistic practice with Libby Scarlett183 Bow Rd, Bow, London E3 2SJ, UK